We offer Day, Night and Saturday classes.

Program FAQ’s

Q: How much does KBBA barber school cost?

Master Barber: As low as $125/week
Barber Stylist: As low as $100/week
Barber Instructor: As low as $75/week
Cross-over (Licensed Cosmetology): $2,000
Cutting Class (Licensed Cosmetology): $500

Specials and enrollment scholarships are offered

Q: Can tuition payments be broken up? What are the payment options?

Yes, KBBA has several payment options to choose from.

Q: How long is the barbering program?

You can complete your barber training in as little as nine months or up to two years, depending on if you decide to pursue your education full-time or part-time.

Q: Does KBBA provide barbering tools?

Yes, barbering kits will be provided (additional fees will apply)

Q: Do you need a High School Diploma / GED to go to barber school?

Yes, students are required to have a High School Diploma or GED.

Q: What are school hours?

KBBA offers a wide variety of attendance options. You decide what best meets your needs (Days or nights / full or part time / weekdays or weekends).