We offer Day, Night and Saturday classes.
Kindred Barber & Beauty Academy

Our Mission

Kindred Barber & Beauty Academy will train men and women for challenging and rewarding careers in the field of Barbering Arts and Sciences. Our philosophy has grown out of the simple belief that an education at Kindred Barber & Beauty Academy will be useful. Our mission, as Kindred Barber & Beauty Academy, is to provide optimum educational opportunities and guidance.

The Goal

With this mission, our students may formulate and achieve their professional and personal goals, as well as develop the skills, knowledge and the attitude that will enable them to become involved, as contributing members of their business communities. Upon graduating from Kindred Barber & Beauty Academy, you will have the knowledge and education to assume an entry level career as a licensed professional barber, and have greater potential for future advancement either by advancing your education and enhancing practical experience.

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