Barber Instructor (Application)


(750 Hours)

The objective is to train students in basic skills needed to meet the level of competence for the examination required by the Georgia State Board of Cosmetology and Barbers.

Tuition: $4,500
Application: $35 (due today)
Registration: $150
Kit / Supplies: $250


Students are required to complete seven hundred and fifty (750) hours of instruction and training as outlined by the Georgia State Board of Cosmetology and Barbers. (To be completed within a minimum of 1 year.)


  1. Candidate must have completed Master Barber Training and possess a current Georgia Master Barber License
  2. A High School Diploma or GED Diploma
  3. All candidates for the Barber Instructor’s License must be proficient in the basic barber-styling skills which include clipper cutting, shear-over fingers and shear-over comb cutting techniques
  4. Candidates must be proficient in shaving procedures and techniques, facial massage and treatment and must possess basic skills in hair rolling with cold wave rods

Course Requirements

This course is designed to equip licensed Barbers with the necessary tools and skills to teach in a licensed public or private school.

  1. Instructor trainees must spend all of their training time under the direct supervision of a licensed teacher, and shall not be left in charge of students or the school at any time without the director supervision of a licensed teacher
  2. Instructor trainees are not permitted to perform clinical services on a client for compensation, either by appointment or otherwise
  3. Instructor trainees shall be furnished a teacher training manual and other material required by the school
Units of Instruction Subject Hours
General Foundation (Vocabulary development)
Georgia State Board of Barber Laws and Rules, and Recordkeeping
School Management
Principals of Barbering and Hairstyling
Human Relations / Motivation
Total 200
Units of Instruction Subject Hours
Teaching Techniques
Lesson Plans and Presentations 50
Classroom Supervision Techniques 50
Discipline Styles 50
Demonstration and Lecturing 50
Test Development 50
Total 250

Students will be taught by trained certified instructors. In teaching both theoretical and practical training various teaching methods are used: interactive lectures, classroom presentations, question and answer, demonstrations, problem-solving, one-on-one sessions, laboratory, student shop activities and evaluations.

Units of Instruction Subject Hours/Applications
Practice Teaching / Instructions in Classroom
Haircutting and Hair Styles 50/50
Shampooing 25/100
Shaves 100/50
Facials 50/50
Color 15/30
Permanent Waves and Chemicals 50/10
Hairpieces 10/10
Total 750


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